About Us

Welcome – Faith in Success

St. Benet’s Multi-Academy Trust is fully committed to providing the highest quality educational provision for all children and young people in our academies. We seek to achieve this within the notion of belonging to a family where service of others is promoted and the Christian values of responsibility, aspiration, dignity, love and respect can be seen in action in all our academies. This is not an “easy option” because, to achieve the best possible outcomes for our young people, there is an expectation that every individual will strive to make the most effective contribution possible.

Our values are our ‘DNA’, values that we promote and encourage in every aspect of the life of our academies. We believe that those values can be shared and developed in any educational setting and we therefore welcome pupils and their families, staff and governors of all faiths and none.

“Faith in success” it encapsulates the aspirations that we want every individual to contribute to and benefit from. Those key aspirations are embedded within this prospectus and are shared by all those involved with St. Benet’s from the Trustees through to individual staff and pupils. We hope that you will want to join us in developing this exciting new venture!


Our Aims 

  • We are totally committed to our prime purpose, that of providing the highest possible quality learning opportunities for the young people in our nurseries and academies. 
  • In achieving this prime purpose, we value all roles within the academy community and will always seek to develop positive and productive relationships in the belief that this can only enhance the provision for the young people. 
  • We are a proactive Trust and recognise the importance of both support and challenge in aiming to achieve the highest quality outcomes for all those working in our academies. 
  • Christian values are the foundation for all our work and our mission statement, “Faith in success”, stresses the very clear responsibility we feel for providing the very best opportunities for all our young people.
  • Professional relationships based upon mutual respect and trust permeate everything that we do.
  • Our place within the Diocese of Norwich provides a unique dimension to our work, providing a wealth of opportunities to explore spiritual and moral dimensions with the young people in our care. 
  • We recognise the expertise that exists within our academies and are actively seeking to provide opportunities for high quality partnership and mentoring between our academies as well as academies outside St. Benet’s MAT. 
  • We can provide enhanced career development opportunities because we have a very clear understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of our academies, such that we can maximise opportunities for staff to exercise and develop their teaching and leadership skills.

The benefits of being part of the St Benet’s MAT family 

  • The highest quality educational opportunities possible within an ethos embedded in Christian values
  • Academy improvement based upon sharing expertise, action research, partnerships and high quality CPD
  • Support from the MAT which releases you to focus on the core business of your academy – providing high quality teaching and learning that maximises the life chances of every pupil in your academy
  • Central support services that include finance, HR and premises management will liaise with you to ensure that your academy is being supported and served as effectively as possible
  • The development of recruitment strategies that will help to ensure that we attract the best quality candidates for all vacancies
  • Ambitious plans for the future of the Trust that recognise that as more academies join, there will be increasing opportunities for developing cutting edge, exciting approaches to teaching and learning 
  • Excellent leadership; the Trust recognises that this is a key element of raising standards and we are firmly committed to recognising and developing leadership potential at all levels
  • Each academy with a Local Governing Body (LGB) has a clear focus on school improvement and the best outcomes for all pupils. The MAT will provide the core support and services for personnel, finance and buildings maintenance, thereby enabling the LGB to give its full support and attention to the quality of teaching and learning and how to make further improvements.

St Benets Prospectus