Our Values & Aims

Our academies are open to all and accepting of all regardless of faith. Our passion and ambition are to see children and young people in all our academies achieve excellent educational outcomes alongside developing and growing into their potential as individuals made in the image of God.  

Our culture is one of high aspiration for all. This is rooted in our Christian values as demonstrated in the life and teachings of Jesus Christ.  We have a desire to see our academies acknowledged as places of aspiration, high quality learning, achievement and hope making a significant contribution to the communities they serve

 Our Vision for the Next 3 Years – 2020-2023

  • To provide the best quality of education for our pupils: the highest academic achievement within a broad and balanced curriculum.
  • To be known as an excellent employer that has a highly motivated and engaged workforce.
  • To be an organisation in which all stakeholders feel included, valued and invested in.
  • To see collaboration between schools as a key driver for improvement.
  • To be in a strong financial position in which well managed resources are used effectively to improve outcomes.