School Champions Day Celebrates St Benet's Staff and Pupils

June 22, 2023

The Bishop of Norwich hosted a School Champion Day in the grounds of his wonderful garden on Wednesday 21st June to celebrate Diocesan schools and the academies within St Benet’s and DNEAT Multi Academy Trusts.

Schools were asked to nominate their teachers, students and governors for special awards and those people were presented with certificates by Bishop Graham.

Mr Dan Stagg, Assistant Headteacher at Harleston Sancroft Academy Primary Phase was the recipient of an award for living by his school’s principles of ‘Living Life in All its Fullness’ and championing this lifestyle among all of the Harleston school community.

He is their Mental Health Champion and organises ‘Wellbeing Wednesdays’ for all staff and pupils.  He is also the founder and co-ordinator of the Wellness Council, a group of children who organise events with mental health and kindness as its foundation.

He is also responsible for the ‘Kindness Calendar’ in school that invites everyone to perform kind acts for others on a daily basis – children, staff, parents and all who interact with the school.

As schools were re-opening after the lockdowns of 2020/21, Mr Stagg embarked on a Twitter campaign to invite inspirational speakers and celebrities to record weekly messages supporting the school’s values of hope, faith, love, wisdom and perseverance.    He is also responsible for bringing sporting heroes to the school to talk to children and inspire them to get involved in sport.

He tirelessly organises additional events for children to ensure there is as much variety in their lives as possible – presenting opportunities they may not otherwise have – from introducing new sports, to awareness of charities supporting a wide range of social issues, reading events and many more.

A colleague at the school said, “Dan inspires us all – not just in the ‘big’ ways but also in the small ways – always with a smile on his face, always a kind word in the corridor, always a child walking with him to tell him about something good happening in their day”.  Dan Stagg was definitely the choice of Harleston Sancroft Academy.

Evie Gould, a pupil from Morley CE Primary Academy was also recognised at the School Champion Day.   Her nomination stated that, “Evie has shown that even though she is visually impaired she still perseveres throughout, and it shows that everyone can do it too if we give it our best. She is always smiling which makes everyone around her happy.   She always does her best and never gives up even though she has the impairment. She is inspiring to others because of how determined she is to live life to the fullest.  She is fun and great to be around and she is a role model at Morley Primary and this is celebrated.”

After the awards ceremony, Bishop Graham invited all attendees to have a celebratory lunch and each guest was given a small wooden holding cross made from olive wood grown in Bethlehem.

Congratulations to Dan and Evie!